Student Cards

COVID-19 Update:

Any undergraduate student taking courses requiring you to be on campus will be assessed the U-Pass fee.

Your student card is used to:

  • ride on public transit with your U-Pass - you'll need to activate your card every term
  • get into your residence room and building
  • prove your identity when writing final exams where they will be required to be on your person

For students requiring a U-Pass:

If you have opted into the U-Pass you will be emailed by the USSU when your card is ready. 

For students who do not need a U-Pass:

Student cards are available for pick-up only at Shop USask at Preston Crossing. No confirmation email will be sent to confirm that your card is ready for pick up, so we ask that you wait at least a week after placing your request before you try to pick up your card.

Please note:

  • Student cards cannot be mailed out.
  • Replacement cards are subject to a $20.00 fee. This fee must be paid before a replacement card is printed.
  • If you have an existing card and have opted in to receive a U-Pass, follow these steps.
  • A new student card is not required for opting in for the U-Pass.

Get your student card here.


Employee Cards

The University of Saskatchewan Employee Card provides identification for library access, the PAC, Food Services debit account access as well as being a useful general purpose identity verification card for on and off campus purposes.

New Employees

In order to receive an employee card, you must be an active employee of the University of Saskatchewan.

Retired Employees
Retirees can still use their Campus ID Card at the Library - access to Library resources will continue up to 5 years past retirement. If you still wish to access U of S Library resources after 5 years please contact the U of S ICT helpdesk and ask for your "Library Patron service" to be extended another 5 years. Remember to mention you are a former U of S employee.

Identification is required when requesting an Employee Card. Please be prepared to produce one of the following forms of identification:

  • Photo driver's license
  • Passport or citizenship card

Replacement Cards will cost $20.00.

Affiliate Cards

Identification cards are available for individuals who may be working with or affiliated with certain departments or units on campus at a cost of $20.00. If you require an Affiliate Card please bring official proof of your affiliation with the university from the Department Head. In addition, please be prepared to produce one of the following forms of identification:

  • Photo driver's license
  • Passport or citizenship card

The Affiliate Card is valid only for the Library and purchased meal plans. Affiliate Cards are only valid during a person's term at the University of Saskatchewan.

If you do not require a picture ID you can obtain a temporary library card from any library location on campus. The Affiliate Card does not provide access to the PAC. Please enquire directly with the PAC for information on temporary access passes.

Custom Nametags

The Campus ID Card Office will design and produce custom nametags for members of your organization. These nametags provide an attractive visual identification, with or without the bearer's photograph. If your employees, volunteers or pass holders require a form of ID authentication to be worn on their clothing, we would be happy to work with you to design the most suitable name badge for your organization.