Ordering Course Materials

Textbooks, course packages, and other materials are ordered in response to adoptions submitted by an instructor or department. Once the orders are processed by Retail Services, students can access this information through a booklist available on PAWS. Please indicate if you do not require a textbook for a class so that we may provide accurate information to students. Open Educational Resources should also be submitted using the form.

Click either “Required” or “Recommended” on the course adoption. “Required” means students need to purchase the item for the course. “Recommended” items are considered valuable but not essential.   

Please notify us as soon as possible if a class is cancelled or if a textbook is no longer required.

The CRN is the Course Reference Number and is unique to each course and its specific details. You can find the CRN by searching the U of S Dynamic Schedule, or by contacting your college or department.

Submit Your Order

Submit your course orders using the online form here. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Returning users can log in to check on the status of their adoptions.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order has not been submitted to the bookstore.

Deadlines for Ordering Textbooks and Course Materials 

Please note that we will accept orders placed after these deadlines.

March 1 Deadline to submit orders for Spring Q1 & Q2
April 1
Deadline to submit orders for Summer Q3 & Q4
June 15 Deadline to submit orders for Fall Term 1
October 15 Deadline to submit orders for Winter Term 2 

Course Packages

Course packages can include a collection of various materials, such as journal articles, excerpts from books, or the professor’s own work. They can be submitted through the textbook adoption form and the Bookstore will then order the printed version.

Cost for students will vary depending on page length and your printing specifications. Retail Services can supply one complimentary desk copy per coursepack, and any remaining desk copies that are needed must be purchased.

The deadline to submit course packages for the Winter 2020 term is November 15th. 

Copyright Clearance

Retail Services and The Copyright Centre coordinate the clearance of copyright for course packages. Before submitting a course pack, please consult the Copyright Guidelines.  

Other Course Supplies

Other supplies required for a course should also be submitted using the requisition form. This may include art supplies, lab supplies, or other non-text items that students need in a class. Providing us with this information will ensure that Retail Services can find the most cost-effective source and be able to stock appropriate quantities at the correct time. Please contact bookstore@usask.ca for any further information.

Open Educational Resources

How Retail Services Supports OER at the U of S

Retail Services fully supports the adoption of Open Educational Resources at the University of Saskatchewan. The continuing development and customization of OER allows faculty to select course materials best suited for their class and learning objectives. For students, OER makes the materials needed for their success more financially accessible and available in the format that best suits their needs. The Bookstore is happy to facilitate the use of OER by including open texts on a student’s book list, as well as by offering a Print on Demand option. 

Print on Demand

Our Print on Demand service allows students to order printed versions of Open Textbooks. Printed texts are sold at $0.12 per double-sided page to cover printing costs. 

Instructor Resources

If you are interested in finding, adopting, or learning more about Open Educational Resources, visit teaching.usask.ca.

Homework Systems

Online homework systems are now commonly packaged with traditional textbooks and etexts. Instructors may choose to use them for evaluating student performance, making their purchase and use compulsory for grades. To learn more about the benefits and issues that may come with commercial homework systems, please visit The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning here.

Contact Us

For any questions, please contact us at 306 966-4477 or textbooks_bookstore@usask.ca.